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Monday, December 26, 2016
There is a plethora of shopping cart solutions...
Monday, December 26, 2016
A Store has a store front or a building where...
Monday, December 26, 2016
We live in a world where everything is about...

Make Your Website Work

Your Website Is Your Online Real Estate, Storefront, Brand and/or Product.

It requires the same investment and attention as it would in the traditional realm.

Remember: Your Competition is Only ONE Click Away!

Why Everyone Is Your Competition

Big sites like Amazon, invest millions in making their sites top notch. Your users will use these sites daily, they know and expect the development of a professional site. If you provide them with an inferior product, you will lose their attention forever.

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What You Don't Know, can HURT You!

What if your "Pay" button doesn't work in Google Chrome? But you checked it and it works in Internet Explorer?

33% of internet users use Chrome vs. 11% Internet Explorer. So, you are losing 3x the sales, you could be doing because of browser incompatibility.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Web development is time extensive, the more complex the more time it requires. Technology plays a key role and infrastructure such as applications and licenses. You have to consider design and development time.
We like to think that your business is unique and your consumer interacts with you different. Services like Wix or the "free" templates are based on the "One Size Fits All" concept. You will never find a reputable company use these services.
Every project differs in complexity and requirements. Web development is a time intensive undertaking and you can have two websites look just alike but yet function very different due to the backend functionality and infrastructure.